Client recommendations

Client recommendations

Feng Shui Peru Urubamba

What others have to say about Barbara’s consultations and classes:

“Barbara is a pure, loving and wise spirit that has much to share. She’s been a valuable teacher and mentor to us in our business of Intentional Environment for 25 years. Her deep connection with His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche’s teachings of feng shui as well as her intuitive gifts in applying the appropriate perspective and adjustments have inspired and informed us in truly wonderful ways. We are very grateful for her being in our lives.”

Damon & Cathy Coyne,
Intentional Environments Consulting and Design

“When teaching Feng Shui, Barbara’s years of teaching experience and deep intuitive knowledge are clearly demonstrated. Through her, the practice of this ancient mystical wisdom clearly unfolds.”

M.J.P., Interior Designer and Space Planner

“Through the energy of her Feng Shui practices and Shamanic work, Barbara has created a life changing path. She is a gifted human being who teaches from her heart.”

L.S., Teacher and Mediator

“Barbara has made a tremendous impact on my life. I feel centered, energized and healthy. All of this is a result of changes I’ve made through Barbara’s Feng Shui and Medicine Wheel work.”

B.R., High School and College teacher

“I’m grateful to Barbara for her inspiring, detailed and rewarding instruction. Her guidance has assisted me through a process of transformation.”

B.K., Feng Shui Consultant

“The teachings that Barbara has shared have made a dramatic difference in our home and our lives.”

S.M. and J. G., Directors of Yeoho Grove Center, Maryland